The 6 Best Dune Analytics STEPN Dashboards

If you’re not finding what you’re looking for in the premade dashboards and queries, which sound kind of impossible, you can create your own dashboard and start adding queries to it. In, you can add pre-written SQL lines and request the data you want. Moreover, Dune Analytics will display it as a chart that you can export. You’ll have access to all on-chain Ethereum with a more detailed and flexible view. From there we can go on to build complete dashboards of data visualisations for competitor analysis, key performance indicators and on-chain activity. Verification usually takes 24 hours, if you can’t wait that long or for any reason we can’t verify the contract we can access the raw event logs in the Dune Analytics table ethereum.logs.

Now it counts top crypto companies and protocols, such as Argent, Uniswap, Compound, Messari and ConsenSys, among its many customers.

The pair built smart contracts together at a Norwegian media company, but quit once they realized the corporation was too large to take a serious bet on crypto. “Over a beer that summer Mats told me ‘I quit my job yesterday.’ It then took me about half a second to realize I would have to do the same,” wrote Haga in a blog post. As of April 2022, Dune supports Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Optimism and Gnosis Chain. It also supports any smart contract created on those blockchains.

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Others obtain Dai by buying it from brokers or exchanges, or simply by receiving it as a means of payment. Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain have formed together as BNB Chain since February 15, 2022. Bancor Network currently operates on the Ethereum and EOS blockchains, but the protocol is designed to be interoperable for additional blockchains. Coming with many features and functions that’ll come in handy when extracting data from the databases.

STEPN Overview Dashboard

We help you navigate this fascinating new world of non-fungible tokens and show you how you can integrate tokenization into your own business. The primary advantage of this is that it lets you pull the data of your queries on-the-fly and use it within your own apps. Instead, they simply fetch the query results from the backend. In this guide, you’ll learn about Dune’s latest plans for a fully-fledged API as well as alternative solutions that are currently available. The library can be used to fetch the table data from python backend. It is useful as more “stable” collateral for other DeFi protocols or as a stable asset with an embedded interest rate.

Dune Analytics, a site that lets anyone publish and access crypto dashboards driven by blockchain data, has filled that gap. The 3-year-old company, which in February 2022 raised $69,420,000 in a Series B funding round, lets you query blockchain data for free. You’ll notice that we are building a table from poolyTransactions, the auxiliary table we created in section 1, but we are also referencing a column called “price” that we didn’t define yet. This is made possible, because we are joining the poolyTransactions with certain outputs from the prices.usd table in section 3. So in essence, we are creating a table using our auxiliary table poolyTransactions as well as the table we built from prices.usd in the next section.

It is a web-based platform for querying Ethereum data by using simple SQL queries from pre-populated databases. Rather than writing a specialized script, you can query the database to extract almost any information that lives on the blockchain. In this Dune Analytics Tutorial we will look at how the platform works and get up to speed with creating our own queries, visualisations and dashboards to analyse and present blockchain data. If we think collectively of Dune users as a community, we can divide them into different tiers on a pyramid. At the very bottom sit the vast majority of users, the casual viewers who like to browse specific project dashboards they’re interested in.

Query Editor

Either way, the supported blockchains include Ethereum, Polygon, Gnosis Chain, Optimism, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana. Dune Analytics does some with a “Pro” plan, however, it’s mainly tailored towards people who want to keep their analysis private and need power-user features. We also have a really nice list of Dune Analytics OpenSea dashboards, if you’re keen to see how the NFT market is doing overall.

dune analytics

Supported blockchains include Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Gnosis Chain, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana. The Index Coop is a decentralized autonomous organization and the largest provider of on-chain structured decentralized finance products. Our diversified and automated products provide exposure to the most productive and sustainable strategies in DeFi.

Your data may be out of date by as little as a few minutes to hours. You can use search queries to find information on something as diverse and popular as the NFT collections purchased by top traders on OpenSea. You can also use it to find data about niches, such as Ethereum Name Service domains. Dune doesn’t store the blockchain’s state data itself – it just displays the data produced by the Structured Query Language query the last time that someone requested data. The reason for the second table is that within a single query SQL does not let you call a column twice. We, in fact, need to call one column multiple times and transform each column call separately.

Anyone can query the data and create visualizations using Dune. With Dune anyone can create SQL queries on blockchain data for free. We create the poolyTransactions table, then we tell SQL to join it with another table, which we define as minute and price columns from the prices.usd table. This prices.usd table we created is then joined onto the left table poolyTransactions using the time in minutes as a mapping variable. To join tables, both tables must have entries which are exactly the same and if we truncate the block_time variable to minutes, we create matching minutes between both tables. By doing this, the poolyTransactions table is updated to include the price column, with price values being matched to the respective dates.

Project details

Not only does an API open up tons of opportunities for smaller projects to build awesome tools. Alright, so you’ve been playing around with Dune Analytics and simply love how easy it is to create meaningful analytics for just about any blockchain project out there. There are currently 2 unofficial Dune Analytics APIs, however, they merely tap into the public endpoints that the Dune embed widget uses to pull data tables from pre-existing queries. Uniswap empowers developers, liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all. Redistributable surplusSet a funding target to cover predictable expenses. Any extra funds can be claimed by anyone holding your project’s tokens alongside you.

  • Well, a few years ago, they decided to fund a blockchain team to explore their viability.
  • Its public dashboards have become a hallmark and we’ve extensively covered some of the best Dune Analytics OpenSea dashboards as well as Dune STEPN dashboards that their community has created.
  • Now it counts top crypto companies and protocols, such as Argent, Uniswap, Compound, Messari and ConsenSys, among its many customers.
  • OpenAI’s ChatGPT causes Artificial Intelligence token prices to surge by up to 77%.
  • Verification usually takes 24 hours, if you can’t wait that long or for any reason we can’t verify the contract we can access the raw event logs in the Dune Analytics table ethereum.logs.

If you have other issues or questions not listed on this page, please contact To use Dune and gain access to its fullest freemium what is flas exchange token features, you have to create an account. It’s web3, so why can’t you just connect your wallet address to Dune’s app?

About Dune Analytics.

During our Dappquery review, we will explain all of the Dappquery features and how to use them. During our Dune Analytics review and experimenting with different query codes, we found that Dune possess a tremendous amount of data since the creation of ETH. However, there are somethings that we didn’t like—more in Dune Analytics pros and cons. View data you’ve gotten from queries you wrote.At this point, we see details about the first 5 transactions that were ever made on Ethereum’s blockchain. Firstly, click on ‘New Query’ on the top right of Dune UI. On the left sidebar, you’ll see different databases of Ethereum, and on clicking, you can see tables of each database.

When does the rate for additional executions kick in?

Dune has different plans suits different users with different purposes. You can see different popular queries categorized in the popular queries section to edit, run, and visualize. Edit SQL codes to get what you’re looking for in ETH database.

You can explore and share other’s queries and dashboards, fork them and create your own. Because we don’t know when or how PoolTogether is withdrawing the ETH in the smart contract, we can just stick to how the Pooly website does it. We’ll remove the right one and replace it with another query. Without the group by command the query would return all transfer events in relation to these contract addresses, but we only need each to appear once. Here again, we will use left join to combine two tables, but we will also used CASE WHEN statements on three of four columns to output specific information that we want to show. This shows that our query is correct, as there is a little lag between Dune’s database refreshes and the latest blockchain state.

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